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Volcanion, The Final Generation 6 Pokémon Announced

"Welcome Volcanion"
Two years after the release of Pokémon X and Y, The Pokémon Company has finally announced the last mythical Pokémon for a future release: Volcanion.
Volcanion is very unique - it can use steam of its attacks due to its exclusive Fire/Water-typing. It will be available for owners of Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire via a Mystery Gift download. It is the 721st Pokémon in existence and its signature move is Steam Eruption, which is like Scald, a Water-type move that can inflict a burn, but more powerful.
The first appearance of Volcanion will be in the new Pokémon X, Y and Z movie. X, Y and Z is the name of the new anime season, which adds several new forms of the third big legendary Kalos Pokémon, Zygarde. There is no Pokémon Z game announced yet, but it seems inevitable; like Pokémon Platinum and its cover star Giratina with its new Origin Forme.
The previously last mythical Pokémon, Hoopa, was finally released in North America last month at participating McDonald’s, and will continue until next week.


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