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Volchaos Erupting on November 30th

Do you like platformers?  Especially very old-school platformers, the kind that punish you relentlessly, leading to an intense sense of personal achievement when you finally defeat them?  If the answer to the last question was ‘yes’, indie developer Fun Infused Games have just the game for you: their new platformer Volchaos will be hitting the Xbox Live Indie Game Service on November 30th and promises ‘super retro graphic emulation’ and an ‘ultra-challenging’ experience.

The graphics certainly look charmingly retro, and Fun Infused Games’ claim that the game features ‘42 levels (plus challenging expert level variations)’ and ‘15 Awardments to complete’ gives the impression that you get a lot of bang for your 80 Microsoft Points ($1).  It might not have quite as much content as Skyrim, but it could provide a cheap and cheerful distraction from the AAA titles you’ll undoubtedly be consuming this holiday weekend. It also features ‘enough lava to feed a small army (if small armies ate lava)’, which seems like an even better reason to buy the game.  You can check out Volchaos on the Xbox Live Indie Game Service on November 30th.


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