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Volume One of Sidekick Debuts At End of April

Sidekicks have always been secondary characters. By definition, their names imply the presence of the story’s true protagonist, the true hero. But as you may know, we are living in the age of genre bending, the post-Watchmen age of superhero-story experimentation. Familiar aspects of the Superhero genre are being turned on their heads in Sidekick, a graphic novel from Image Comics. Barry isn’t your average 19-year-old kid. For starters, he’s better known by the name, Flyboy, sidekick to the heroic Red Cowl. Barry is used to taking the secondary role and being the butt of all the jokes. It suits him. But what happens when The Red Cowl is taken out of the picture, tragically killed in the line of duty? Will Flyboy’s decision to keep fighting in the absence of his mentor mean more danger and death?


Written by J. Michael Straczynski (Tales From the New Twilight Zone, Babylon 5) and with artwork by Tom Mandrake (Grimjack, Martian Manhunter), Sidekick has a creative team with a track record that shines. Straczynski said of the project, “having worked extensively in the world of mainstream superhero comics for the last decade-plus, you are subtly informed that there are all these things that you can’t do with your main character…the fun in Sidekick is in doing every one of the those things that you’re never supposed to do.” Sidekick Volume One will be released in comic book stores on April 30th, and everywhere else on May 13th. Already praised around the industry, this rule-breaking adventure promises to be as entertaining as it is shocking. Will Flyboy ever be taken seriously? Will he suffer the same fate as The Red Cowl? You’ll just have to read to find out.


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