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Waiting for Superman: ‘Man of Steel’ Moves to June 2013

We had long been told to anticipate the next "Superman" film, Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, in December 2012. The timing seemed odd, especially when the movie's distributor, Warner Bros., slated both parts of The Hobbit to arrive in December of 2012 and 2013 respectively.

As the Holiday 2012 schedule has begun to take shape and even Summer 2013 over the last couple months, it was time to make a decision. Although Man of Steel will be silent at Comic-Con this year, which began today, The Playlist has just learned that the new release date is June 14, 2013.

This means that the film is now further along in production than any 2013 counterpart, so it should allow Snyder some good time to work in post-production with all his slow-mo shots. Plus, summer is a much better time for a "Superman" film. We haven't really had any superhero films try on a December release date anyway.

The superhero summer of 2013 is really shaping up now: Iron Man 3 will kick things off on May 3 and following Man of Steel, Marvel will release Thor 2, on July 26. Its doubtful any other superhero films will enter the mix, but Fox does have a new "Daredevil" film in pre-production from director David Slade and they have no tentpoles scheduled for the summer. There's also the up-in-the-air status of The Wolverine.

For those curious about how the legal rights work for Superman, The Playlist mentions that production simply needs to begin on the film before the end of 2012 for Warner Bros. to retain the rights to the character and prevent them from reverting back to the Siegel and Shuster estates.


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