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The Walking Dead Breaks Even More Ratings Records


The Walking Dead continues to break ratings records. Seriously, it’s getting kind of old and expected, it seems that America’s love affair with zombies is not slowing down even a little bit. The big season four finale of the AMC series attracted 15.7 million total viewers, a 26% increase from the previous season finale. In the 18-49 demographic the show averaged an 8.0 rating, with 10.2 million viewers. Those are insane numbers, not only for a cable, genre series, but also for any show on television at the moment. The finale more than tripled the top rating for all of the broadcast channel series on Sunday. Take that, Resurrection! I guess it’s the gory, hardcore zombies that get all the love from viewers, not the perfectly normal looking ones in the ABC series (which did a 2.3 rating). Although, are those even zombies on Resurrection? Who cares? AMC sure doesn’t, the network is too busy celebrating The Waking Dead’s great success.

The post-show discussion series, Talking Dead also drew a record-breaking 7.3 million viewers and a 3.7 rating (Hey, that’s more than the Resurrection rating. A show that is just people talking about what just happened on an episode of The Walking Dead got more viewers than that other show about potential zombies.) Did you tune in for The Walking Dead finale?


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