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Walking Dead Creator to Write Outcast

Robert Kirkman, the creator of the popular Walking Dead comic book series and television show, is writing a brand new horror comic. But this one doesn’t have walkers, it has exorcisms! The series (titled Outcast) will be about Kyle Barnes. He has dealt with demons possessing his loved one since he was younger and his mother was possessed by a demon. He grew accustomed to demonic possessions until Outcast #1, where Barnes is depressed and tries to find answers. But instead of answers, he finds out something that could possibly destroy the entire world. The artwork for the series will be done by Paul Azaceta (Amazing Spider-Man, Grounded). There are a few similar elements in Outcast and The Walking Dead. How loved ones are affected during a crisis is one of them. Often, there will be loved ones who are possessed, which can take quite a toll on your average Joe. Also like The Walking Dead, Outcast will begin with a big cast of characters and even more will be introduced as the series goes on. One other similarity? Outcast #1Outcast will also be turned into a television show. Fox International has already announced the series will air on their station. This is the same company that distributes The Walking Dead internationally. Outcast is apparently the untitled exorcism project Fox announced was in the works back in March. It has also been announced that Kirkman will be working on the pilot episode of the series. This project has been in the works by Kirkman for about two years now and is apparently the first project Kirkman has ever worked on in which he knows what the end is going to be (even though he wants to keep it going for several years). It will be starting in early 2014. It will be a monthly series released by Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics imprint Skybound.


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