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Walking Dead Producer Gale Hurd to Develop Jeffrey Archer Novel Into a Television Series

Valhalla Entertainment have announced their intention to team up with New Franchise Media and produce a television series based on Jeffrey Archer's 1998 novel, The Eleventh Commandment.

The book centers around CIA assassin Connor Fitzgerald, who is betrayed by the chief of the CIA during a mission to assassinate a candidate for the Russian presidency. The book's plot is akin to an average season of 24, wherein the protagonist faces the Russian mafia, framing, blackmail, prison, and all sorts of impossible situations where only he can avert a chain of events which could lead to World War III.

Gale Anne Hurd, producer of Terminator and The Walking Dead, will be the developer behind the adaptation. Hurd, a fan of Jeffrey Archer’s storytelling, said that the book was "perfect for television, full of fast-paced, high-stakes danger."
Hurd's project continues a recent trend of television shows adapted from novels. With the success of Game of Throne's premiere season, the creation of Haven based on works by Stephen King, and the continuing popularity of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, it would seem likely that the Eleventh Commandment won't be the last novel adaptation coming to our TV screens in the near future.


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