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Wally West Gets a New Costume for DC Rebirth

Spoilers for DC Rebirth Special #1. It was revealed in the DC Rebirth Special #1 that Pre-New 52 Wally West will be returning for DC Rebirth. Wally will be appearing in the new Titans title. DC Comics released an image of Wally West's new costume this week. Brett Booth did the artwork for the newest Wally West costume; Booth is also doing the artwork for the Titans title. The costume infuses the red color of Wally's old Flash costume and reveals his red hair like his Kid Flash costume. CjRhA-7WgAAoMPu-bff40 Let us know your thoughts on the new costume in the comments below. Do you like his new look? Are you excited for Wally West's return in DC Rebirth?


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