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Warfare Without Warning Teaser

Who Is Jake Ellis has become a run-away success for Image Comics and has gotten some pretty good reviews on our site. Hell we were even quoted on the back of the third issue! Later this week you can expect an interview from Nathan Edmondson exclusive to the site, but in the mean time we have the first image from Nathan's next project titled Warfare Without Warning. There's not too many teasers that get me excited for books, but this one has. Stop back on Wednesday for the interview and some exclusive pages from issue #3 of Who Is Jake Ellis.

Warefare Without Warning TeaserUpdate: As John pointed out that's the tag line. Here's all the info from the USA Today article:
Jake Ellis and Edmondson's upcoming, still-under-wraps series (enigmatically codenamed #projectomaha) for Image with artist newcomer Mitch Gerads both operate in a real-world space and beneath elements of government and military intrigue. And there aren't many comics tackling those themes, Edmondson says, "which means either that people will be hungry and ready for what we're serving, or that these genres simply don't do well.


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