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Warner Bros closer to naming “Superman” director

Keep your eyes on the skies for the next month, folks. Deadline has it that Christopher Nolan, along with fellow producer Emma Thomas, have hit the search hard for a director for the upcoming “Superman” reboot.

For those unaware (though when news broke of his involvement, it was hard not to hear) The Dark Knight and Inception director was brought on to act as a “godfather” to the reboot of the fledging franchise. He certainly serves in a producers capacity, with his longtime collaborators David Goyer and brother Jonathan Nolan helping to iron out a script for Warner Bros.

Now the time comes to name a director. So far, names on the short list include veteran Tony Scott (upcoming film Unstoppable) Duncan Jones (Moon) Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) and Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, upcoming Let Me In). Nobody has confirmed whether or not they are taking meetings to discuss directing the reboot.

These are some interesting names to be sure, though perhaps one of the more interesting (and better timed choices) would be Matt Reeves. While Cloverfield was not considered a critical darling, it was a box office/marketing success and he is earning early raves from fans and cynics alike for his remake of the 2008 film Let the Right One In. The only other director on the list whose iron is hotter to strike would be Snyder and given his (brief) history with the comic book genre, he could be a contender.

However, given the very, very different styles that Snyder and Nolan share, best not hold your breath on that collaboration becoming a reality.


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