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Warner Bros. Preps for Third “Clash of the Titans”

The Warner Bros. remake of Clash of the Titans grossed almost four times its hefty $125-million budget. WB naturally wanted a sequel despite the heavy criticism, and that’ll come with Wrath of the Titans next year. But before we get that, the studio’s already prepping for a third installment.

The Hollywood Reporter relays that “Wrath” scribes David Leslie Johnson and Dan Mazeau will pen a script for this third film. Like its predecessors, this currently untitled feature will focus on Perseus, Sam Worthington of Avatar fame.

It looks like the production team behind “Wrath” and director Jonathan Liebesman aim to return, but nothing’s official just yet. After all, if “Wrath” proves to be a huge disappointment at the box office, WB might pull the plug on investing in a continuation of Perseus’ adventures.


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