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Warren Ellis Unleashes New Moon Knight

Moon Knight is an enigma among comic book fans. A relative lower lister among their roster of heroes yet news of his involvement in any project can set ablaze a furor of excitement that is not commonly caused by most others. Of course the circumstances behind the current explosion of interest is a no brainer as the nocturnal hero is getting himself a brand-spanking new ongoing amidst the Marvel Now! second wave. The last run of note, most would say, that the character has had, would be the series under Brian Micheal Bendis, but the head of the ship this time around is none other than fan bait Warren Ellis. Ellis, whose recent Marvel work includes the original graphic novel Avengers: Endless Warfare. He is joined on this venture by Declan Shalvey, who is doing the run of covers for Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion. Ellis hopes to bring the series back to the roots of how he first encountered the character as a young man, and to focus on "weird crime" - which is a genre that has fallen by the wayside in "Big Two" comics.  

Moon Knight Cover

There is an inherent silliness to the concept of the hero that Ellis claims he will not lose sight of, even though the bearing is set for something more nuanced than one might expect. Along with colorist Jordie Bellaire, the creative team will see the series launch in March of 2014. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated below.


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