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Wasteland 2 Gets New Life Thanks to Kickstarter

Brian Fargo is creating a sequel to one of the most important games of a generation. Hailed by many developers as 'the reason they got into gaming' the original Wasteland was released in 1988, set in a post apocalyptic world and was the one of the first games that presented your NPC's as characters, instead of floating guns. Brian Fargo of Interplay Productions then took the steps to create the instant classics Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 trail blazing games that push the limit of what video gaming actually meant.

The Fallout franchise has been revitalized by Bethesda and Obsidian but what many gamers wanted was a return to the core game Wasteland that gave birth to it all. The once might developer Brian Fargo admittedly went to many different publishing companies that all refused his request but then the website, “Kickstarter” provided and answer.

Kickstar is a website that allows independent creations to be publicly invested in by anyone. Rewards are usually offered in various quantities allowing for special perks to investors. One of the biggest draws of this new market place is the promise that if the inventors initial financial goal isn't reach, everyone get's their money back. 

Fargo began the Kickstarter campaing for Wasteland 2 on March the 13th with the initial goal of 900,000 dollars to be reached by April 17th. Within 48 hours he had over a million dollars. Fargo has stated that during the development cycle he will be the only game developer to truly be listening to the fans and promises that if the majority of gamers don't want an isometric style RPG he won't make one.

Could this be a new wave of video game creation where game designers are truly beholdent to the fans? Or a simple ploy? Tell us what you think!


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