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Watch Dogs – An Exciting New IP from Ubisoft

So far, E3 2012 has mostly shown us games we already knew about, or at least, games we heard rumors about. So it's a pleasant surprise when not only there's a new announcement, but when a new IP shows itself. I'm talking about Watch Dogs, an exciting stealth/spy game that sees you hacking, shooting, and driving. The first thing you'll notice is that the character animation is superb - just watching some guy walk along the street has never been so satisfying in video games - the way the lead character swivels his head to look at important objects, even if the camera isn't aimed in that direction is something that few games attempt let alone achieve.

The gunplay looks extremely reminiscent of Rockstars' LA Noire and Max Payne 3 with the small circular reticule. When the lead character finally gets in a car it reminds me of Need For Speed: The Run - lit up streets with expensive red cars racing through it. Another exciting prospect - hacking is also a major element. Sure it is mainly used on-foot when you might need to hack into someone's phone and hear what that person is saying, but you can use it even more when you're behind the wheel. We see plenty of options show up in some sort of 'hacking wheel', but the selected one in the demo lifts up the bridge, allowing our main man to get away.

So far it seems fairly unique, which is what we need in this FPS age of gaming.


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