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Watch Dogs Delayed on Wii U

Today in an earnings call, Ubisoft has announced a delay in the Wii U version of Watch Dogs.
This delay may feel like a bittersweet announcement to Wii U owners after GameStops in Italy were cancelling preorders for the game, with US GameStop.com shortly after. Now we know the game’s still coming, but sadly not for a while after the other versions, practically dooming it in retail. It sounds like the Wii U version isn’t top priority while Ubisoft tries to rush the other versions to shelves by the end of Spring.
With those without any other next-gen consoles but a Wii U may want to hold out instead of opting for the 360 and PS3 versions since Ubisoft confirmed last year that Watch Dogs would be better on Nintendo’s new console as well as support Off-TV play.


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