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Watch Zombies Being Brutalized In This Resident Evil O.R.C. Trailer

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City comes out in less than a month and players want to know more about what will go on in this cooperative take on the zombie outbreak.  One thing has been made clear by the latest trailer put out by Capcom; the game will be brutal.

From repeatedly kicking a "Licker" in the genitals, to cramming a grenade into the gaping maw of a hungry zombie, it seems that RE: O.R.C. will offer so much gore that the violence levels alone can make up their own trailer.

The new "Brutality Trailer" is nothing more than a compilation of finishing moves and melee attacks used by the various playable characters.  Each of them has their own special set of moves and equipment, so there's a surprising variety in the sort of brutalization shown in the one minute and forty-four second video.

You can see all the mayhem for yourself in the video below, and read more about the game in our preview.


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