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Watch Dogs 2 Reveal Trailer

"From out of the digital static, the Watch_Dogs sequel appears."
https://youtu.be/fdtR6AGD9oE Considering how much controversy Watch Dogs generated after it's launch, I would be surprised to find out that today has seen the reveal of a sequel if it weren’t Ubisoft we’re talking about here. Jokes aside, the new trailer for Watch Dogs 2 looks fairly impressive. The number of crazy gang-related hijinks shown montage-style makes the sequel look like it might have a lighter feel compared to the relatively somber vibe that came from the first game. ckctt2nveaao_yb The graphics themselves look very nice, although none of it looked like gameplay footage, and we can not forget the discrepancy in how the original trailers for the first Watch Dogs contrasted with its final product. The lighter tone in this trailer and the fact that it is set in San Francisco makes it look very different from the original, even giving it a GTA-like appearance. The emphasis on a group of hackers versus the more lone-wolf Aiden Pierce and the apparent lack of Aiden altogether give this sequel a bit of mystique. It may certainly be something to keep an eye on. Despite the fact that the game has only been revealed today, that reveal already came with a surprisingly recent release date. Look forward to seeing more of what Watch Dogs 2 has to offer on November 15, 2016.


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