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Wednesday Sales April 20th

Wednesday sales are rare for digital distributors, but this week we're in luck, because several of them are running special events at the moment.  Good Old Games has a new promotion going on, Direct2Drive is doing Daily Deals all months long, even Amazon.com has something of interest to PC gamers today.

Today only you can get the 15 Anniversary Edition of the cult classic Another World for $3.99 on Gog.com, marked down from ten dollars.  This is part of Good Old Games' "Gog Gems" promo, in which they put a classic on sale the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  They're off to a pretty good start , so keep an eye on them the first Wednesday of May.

ImpulseDriven.com has a on-day-only sale on The Wonderful End of the World which can be yours for only $2.48.  Also of note at Impulse is Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity which has been marked down 30% to $20.96.  Direct2Drive.com has a Daily Deal on Empire: Total War, which you can have for $7.49 today only.

Finally, Amazon has a BOGO sale which lets you get half off of selected games when you buy one at full price.  The PC selection is small, but it does have some good ones like Total War: Shogun 2, along with Civilization V and IV.  

We're giving out BEST DEAL OF THE DAY award to Gog.com for Another World because the classics deserve some love.


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