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Weeds – Viking Pride

Last night’s Weeds was more of the same from last week, as the Botwin clan stuck around in Dearborn and followed up on the hanging plot threads. A bit disappointing after I had come to mostly enjoy the road trip feel of the season, and the story didn’t exactly charge ahead to compensate. Nancy still needs passports for her family, so she asks the Arab she’s been selling the new drink to, Hooman, if he has any connections (why didn’t they try this in the first place?). He suggests someone in town who can help name Daoud, if they remember to tell him that Hooman sent them. Also, a man has to go, because Daoud won’t deal with a woman. Nancy asks why they treat women this way, and Hooman says it’s because they’re terrified of them.

So Andy goes to see Daoud about the passports, but we quickly find out how Hooman knows him – he’s going to marry Daoud’s daughter. Daoud can’t stand this, because his family is Sunni and Hooman is Shia. Andy doesn’t have nearly enough cash to foot the bill for the passports, so Daoud offers an alternative agreement – kill Hooman, and he’ll do it for free. Andy doesn’t want to see more blood on his family’s hands, so he goes to Hooman with this information. After some brief and ineffectual I-can’t-hear-you-because-this-club-is-so-loud humor, Andy proposes a plan that will help both of them. I’m going to guess it involves faking Hooman’s death, getting the passports, and then helping him get out of the country with his bride to be.


Meanwhile Nancy does some detective work and finds out that the man she met in the graveyard last time wasn’t an old classmate, but not before getting confronted by an actual one. This was another pretty pointless moment. Yeah, we get it, Nancy was kind of a bitch back then. This isn’t exactly news, she’s not a very good person right now. So she finds where’s staying and sneaks in, finding reams of documents and files on her and her family. The man comes in, but after she maces him, he comes clean. He’s not actually an FBI agent, but a journalist from San Diego who was doing a story on Esteban and Pilar until she died, and has since been trying to track down Nancy and tell her story. He’s going to do it with or without her, so after a Comic-Con joke, Nancy agrees to tell it in her own words so the record will be straight.

Elsewhere, Silas hangs out with the man he believes to be his real father, eventually dropping the bomb on him. He’s taken aback, but Silas seems even more bothered and leaves. After one of the episode’s funnier moments with Andy pretending to be a child predator attempting to pick him up, he reassures Silas that Judah was his father, but Silas remains unconvinced. Also, Doug has to leave to get his passport, and Shane tells Richard Dreyfuss’ character that they’re leaving. After a simultaneously hilarious and pathetic panicky meltdown, Dreyfuss claims he’ll kill himself if Nancy leaves again, but I don’t think anyone much cares.

I’m still pretty ambivalent about the series at this point. Shane’s character is a bit off the deep end at this point, and the disaffected personality Nancy has taken on just isn’t that pleasant to watch. But I still love Andy, Silas is sympathetic in how he’s still hopelessly attached to this family, and Doug’s good for the occasional laugh. I don’t dislike watching the show, it’s just less funny that it should be and probably thinks it is, and I’ve still yet to see any indication all season long that there’s really a plan for the story. Will season seven be in Copenhagen as planned? What can they do there that the show hasn’t already covered repeatedly? I wish there was some indication that there are good answers to these questions out there.



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