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Weekend Deals End of the World Edition

The internet assures me that the world will end tomorrow, which means that we only have a few hours left to enjoy video games.  Sure, logic would tell us to go out and buy the most expensive games we can find, since Judgement Day is at hand, and we'll be too busy roasting in Hellfire to worry about our credit card bills, but let's just go out on a limb and assume that fiscal responsibility might still be important next week, so we'll try to find some good games deals.  For starters, we have Direct2Drive.com's Potato Sack- I mean "Indie Sack".

D2D's Indie Sack will get you five games for $19.95.  That's a good deal, even if it isn't a good as a certain Potato Sack that was going around a few weeks ago, but it's the only sack of games we got at the moment, so enjoy.  The games are Machinarium, Cloning Clyde,  Lume, Tiny Bang Story, and Outpost Kaloki.  D2D is also selling all games by Atari for half off, prices vary.

Onlive is doing a Five Dollar Friday sale on NBA 2010 if baskeball game son the PC are your thing.

Elsewhere, Gog.com is selling all games by Anuman for half off.  This include both Syberia games for five dollars each.  They're highly recommended, and so is Gog's awesome sale on the first Witcher game at five bucks.  

And since it's the end of the world, why not guarantee your place in Heaven with the "Rapture Metro" DLC pack for Bioshock 2?  It's on sale at GamesForWindows.com.  Eternal salvation for just five dollars? That's definitely our BEST DEAL OF THE WEEKEND, but you better start playing it quick, time is running out!


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