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Weekend Deals Friday January 21

Adding to this weekend's already generous assortment of weekend deals, we have a few more that just started today.  First up is Gog.com's sale on games by the publisher, Cyan.  These are the people who publish Myst, so you can get four Myst games, plus something called "Manhole" for 50% off if you buy them all as a lot for a total of $16.95.  If you don't want all five, you can buy them in any comibination for 30% off which makes them $4.19 each, or $6.99 for Uru, the most recent game in the Myst series.  It's a great offer if you're the one gamer who hasn't played Myst yet, and have been living with that secret shame since the early 90's.

Technically, this isn't a weekend deal, but Steampowered.com is selling Europa Universalis III Complete Pack for 80% off which makes it $4.00.  The Complete Pack includes the game and two expansions.  Steam is selling yet another expansion,Heir to the Throne for two dollars.  This deal lasts through next Thursday.

Finally, Direct2Drive.com is selling fifteen Survival Horror games for 20% off, if you use the promo code "Survival" when you check out.  They're at varying prices from ten to sixty dollars, but the selection is excellent, and as our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY, the discount applies to Dead Space 2 pre-orders.


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