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Weekend Deals Friday January 28

Yesterday I remarked that there was a bit of a trend for Digital Distributors who seem to love discounting the Red Faction franchise; today that continues with Onlive who are selling Red Faction: Guerrilla for five dollars today only.  They'll have a different Daily Deal all weekend, tomorrow it will be Metro 2033, and Sunday it will be Darksiders.  They aren't revealing the prices until the day of, so check back with them each day if you're an Onlive user.

Direct2Drive.com is celebrating Bathtub Safety Month which means that you can save 20% on any game if you use the code "wetkitty" at checkout. 

Speaking of weird excuses for a game sale, Gamestop.com is doing a Tax Season promotion which will get PC gamers a ten dollar discount on Starcraft 2, WoW Battlechest, and some pricey gaming headset.

GamersGate.com isn't holdig any sort of kooky themed sale, but they do have about 20 games discounted, including a 30% cash back deal on Total War Shogun 2 pre-orders.

We covered ImpulseDriven.com's Weekend Impulse Buys yesterday, but today they also have a Daily Deal on Bioshock, for five dollars.  Highly recommended if you are the one person who hasn't played it yet.

We also mentioned Steam's official Weekend Deal yesterday (The Strongly suggested Penny Arcade bundle for three dollars), however Steampowered.com has a bunch of other games on sale as well, they include  Ship Simulator Extremes for $14.00, the post apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth Blood Sports at $9.99, and the new multiplayer-only shooter Breach for $11.99.  Steam also has the Sims 3 Ultimate Bundle which includes the game and five expansions for $89.97.

The Ubisoft Store is honoring the made-up holiday of Wintereenmas by selling PC download for 30% off.  So what if it's a stupid fictional holiday; just grab some cheap games while you can.   Splinter Cell Conviction for thirteen dollars is our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY


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