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Weekend Deals Friday September 30th

There are many great weekend sales going around the internet at the moment, but one digital distributor is giving away copies of a classic adventure game today, so act fast and check out this crop of weekend sales while you still can!

Steam has three Weekend Deals now.  First is Dungeon Siege III for half off ($24.99) which we rather liked here at Player Affinity.  Then there's P.A.M. Post Apocalyptic Mayhem, a wasteland driving game for $4.99, and finally Bloodbowl: Legendary Edition is 80% off at $8.00.

ImpulseDriven.com is holding a Capcom Week with nine games by that publisher marked down by half.  Notable games include Resident Evil 5 for ten dollars, and Dead Rising 2 for fifteen.

GamersGate.com has a FPS Week, with two dozen shooters marked down by 50-60%.

Online.com has their usual Five Dollar Friday sale, and this time around it's Unreal Tournament III.  As you can probably guess, you'll get Onlive's "Full Play Pass" to the game for five bucks, today only.

Gog.com has a Weekend Promo on 11 games by the publisher Rebellion.  They're all 50% off, and the selection includes franchises like Evil Genius, Lords of the Realm, and Ground control.  

However, Gog.com also has an even better deal: Broken Sword: Director's Cut is absolutely free until Saturday morning.  A free classic adventure is our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.  Act fast!


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