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Weekend Deals January 13

Although 2011 has yet to offer PC gamers a really great weekend sale, there are still a few nice little price breaks going around the net this weekend.  ImpulseDriven.com has their usual Weekend Impulse Buys.  This week’s selection is 50-70% off of Dawn of War Collection ($24.99),Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box ($14.99), Armada 2526 ($14.99), Star Ruler ($14.99) and big discounts on Star Wolves 3- Civil War ($8.99) and Avencast Rise of the Mage ($5.09)  Impulse driven also has a sale on everything in the Need For Speed franchise.  You can get any of them for half off.

GamesForWindows.com is selling the shooter/spy/RPG Alpha Protocol for half off which makes it $14.99.  This deal will run through next Thursday. 

Direct2Drive.com continues their 75% sale on everything by the publisher 1C.  This includes franchises like Men of War, Cryostasis, and King’s Bounty, which was our Best Deal of the Day earlier this week.

Amazon has a Daily Deal on a collection of Nancy Drew games on sale at half price today.  This is a Collector’s edition of three games featuring everyone’s favorite Titian-haired teen sleuth; they come in a collectible tin with a journal featuring game art.  Your “Niece” will love it. 

GamersGate.com has a week-long sale on the Majesty 2 series, giving 75% discounts on three games in that series.  Gamer’s Gate also has 21 other games on sale as well. 

Because there is no clear best deal going on this weekend, I’ll give the honor of BEST DEAL OF THE WEEK to Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island on Gamer’s Gate; I haven’t actually played the game, but it does have a silly title and the screenshots imply some sort of Girl-On-Mermaid romance.


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