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Weekend Deals Thursday April 21st

Easter is approaching, and holidays tend to have lots of great online game sales.  Even though it's just Thursday we're already looking at a whole basket of treats for the weekendd.  ImpulseDriven.com has a Daily Deal, good for today (Thursday the 21st) on Defense Grid: Gold which you can get for $3.49.  Of course, they also have a batch of Weekend Impulse Buys too, and this week all Company of Heroes games are 50% off (Prices vary), X3 Gold is going for $12.95, Making History: Complete Collection for $24.99, and they have Homesteader for $4.99.  The best of the lot at Impulse is their Runaway Bundle, which will get you all three games in that hit Adventure game series for $15.99.

Direct2Drive.com is selling Knights of the old Republic for $7.49 today only.  While that's a great game, I have a bad feeling about that meager 25% discount.  I'm sure you'll find it on sale for a lit less if you hold off for a while.

GamersGate.com has started their Easter Sale and have over sixty games marked down at the moment, including several Adventure titles from Telltale Games marked down by about two-thirds.  If you like adventure gaming, head over there now, and you'll certainly find a deal on something entertaining.

Greenmangaming.com is having an Easter- I mean "Spring" Sale, with a whole bunch of games marked down.  They're mostly by indie and smaller publishers, but there is a lot to choose from.  Of note is Darwinia, a critically-acclaimed indie game; it's just $2.52 at the moment.

Steam's Weekend Deal is 50% off Metro 2033, the post-apocalyptic shooter, which is now $9.99.  As of this writing, they are also still honoring their Midweek Madness sale on Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes.

Even though there's a digital mountain of deals this weekend, we're going to give out BEST DEAL OF THE DAY prize to Impulse and their Runaway Bundle, for injecting some low-priced humor into this holiday weekend.


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