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Weekend Deals Thursday April 28th

While everyone else is obsessing over the royal wedding, us gamers will be attending to the important things in life:  Shooting zombies, punching robots, and blowing up Nazis.  The only princesses we need to be concerned with are the ones we're rescuing from evil wizards in these cheap games.

ImpulseDriven.com has announced their new selection of Weekend Impulse Buys, and they are:  All Spellforce Games are half off at $4.99, Spore for $9.97, Fantasy Wars a turn-based strategy game is $9.99, Cities XL is $19.99, Smugglers 4, a sci-fi trader game at $14.97, and Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game is $4.49.  However the real sale over there is the horror/shooter Cryostasis for $3.24, today only.

Gog.com wants you to help a Publisher on hard times, by buying anything from the financially-troubled Jo Wood.  There are 13 games from Jo Wood on sale for 75% off, if you buy the lot of them for $24.37.  Or you can get them at 60% off each.  The list includes franchises like Aquanox, Gothic, Darkfall, and Spellforce.  Do note that this is a slightly better deal on Spellforce Platinum then you'd get it at Impulse. 

GamesForWindows.com has a sale on the racing game Flat Out: Ultimate Carnage which is half off at $19.99.

Direct2Drive.com has a Daily Deal good for today only on Napoleon: Total War.  You can get this strategy game by Sega for $12.49, a 75% discount.

All things related to Mount & Blade are on sale at Steam.  This action/RPG franchise about mounted combat has three installments, and you can get the first two games for 80% off, and a ten percent discount on the soon-to-be-released third game, With Fire & Sword.  Or you can get the complete pack of all three for $19.99.  That's a lot of content, especially if you're new to this underrated series.  We're going to give this sale our award for BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.

As of this writing, Steam is still honoring their Midweek sale on the ARMA II games as well.


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