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Weekend Deals Thursday June 2nd

Here's your chance to play one of the hottest games of 2010 for free!  And there's a bunch of other great games on sale this weekend as well, including a spectacular sale on the Limited Edition of one of this year's best games. Plus some short term Daily Deals to grab right now before they're gone.

GamesForWindows.com is trying their best, but all they have at the moment is Batman Arkham Asylum for $14.99.  That's a great game, but you should be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.  Still it's a good price if you just wait.

Gog.com has the Broken Sword series on sale for 50% off if you buy all three (A total of $8.97) or 30% off if you want one or two ($4.19 each). This is a good deal if you like adventure games, but never jumped into this series.  This valid only until tomorrow.

Direct2Drive.com is selling all DLC for every game they carry at 15% off if you enter the code "Extras" at checkout.

GamersGate.com will let you have Grand Theft Auto III for just $3.38 today.  They also have 77 other games on sale at the moment, including big price breaks on Bullet Storm, Dead Space 2, and Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition, all of which are now $29.95.

Impulse Driven.com also has those three games on sale at the same prices, but they have Crysis 2 Limited Edition marked down to $29.97 as part of their Weekend Impulse Buys.  Also on sale this weekend for their impulse buys is... You now what?  Screw the other Impulse Buys!  You want Crysis 2 Limited Edition for $29.97! 

Steam has many, many deals right now.  First is their Daily Deal on the Escape From Monkey Island Complete Pack for only $11.90.  That's all five episodes for 66% off the regular price.  Today only.  They're still honoring their Midweek Madness sales on Cities XL for ten dollars, and Thief Deadly Shadows for five dollars right now as well.  

Their new Weekend Deals are everything in the Red Faction franchise for 75% off.  That makes the first two games in the series $2.49, and Guerrilla is now $4.99.  Sorry, no deal on Armageddon.  Then there's Steam's big sale at the moment, 33% off on Call of Duty Black Ops, which makes it $40.19, AND you can play the multiplayer for free all weekend long.  A free game, and a huge discount?  That's our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.  Although Impulse's deal on Crysis 2 is a great choice too.


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