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Weekend PC Sales Saturday March 12th

 My original plans for this weekend were to be either blowing enemies away in Bulletstorm or stepping into the role of Hawke in Dragon Age 2. Unfortunately due to me blowing the money I had put away for those brand new games on repairs for my computer, I shall have to find something on this weekend's sales list to play.

The first place I would go for gaming sales on the PC is and will likely always be Steam. This weekend they're featuring a slew of sales with which Valve plans to steal your money. Firstly, there is a promotion for Shogun 2: Total War happening this weekend. Every day a new Total War game goes on sale (today's game being Rome: Total War for $3.75), and the Total War collection featuring a decade's worth of Total War games is also on sale for $99. Steam is also running sales on Crazy Machines, Crasher, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Wings of Prey and Majesty 2.

GOG is also a place to head to for sales since they're having a huge number of classic adventure games and RPGs on sale such as Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, which are $4 each. Speaking of GOG, it's worth mentioning that they recently re-released Heroes of Might and Magic IV and Might and Magic 7. I’m a big fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic games and give a recommendation to strategy gamers to check that out.

I’m not a big fan of them, but as far as Impulse goes this weekend, they still have the sales mentioned in this post running and have also added Kings' Crusade which is available for $10.49.


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