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Weekend Sale Friday April 22nd

You'd think there would be more weekend sales themed around Easter this weekend, but there are only a few egg, bunny, and stigmata games in sight.  That's not a problem, because there are plenty of non-Easter games on sale, like an RPG blowout at the Electronic Arts store.  Through this weekend you'll get 33% off for Dragon Age, Ultima Online and Mass Effect, including special editions, and some DLC.  I suppose that Commander Shepherd's resurrection in Mass Effect 2 has a little bit of Easter to it, so that should give you an excuse to skip church on Sunday and play video games.

ImpulseDriven.com is still running the Weekend Impulse Buys we mentioned yesterday, but they have a Daily Deal on Gratuitous Space Battles for 75% off, which brings it down to five dollars, today only.  This only covers the main game, not the add-on packs, or special editions.

Amazon.com has a Daily Deal on Football Manager 2011 which you can get for 19.99, today only, while GamesForWindows.com will be selling Resident Evil 5 for $14.95 until next Thursday.

Gog.com has a random assortment of games by Ubisoft on sale this weekend for 50% off if you buy all six, or 30% off if you buy 5 or less.  Notable among them is Farcry.

Direct2Drive.com is selling Civilization V for 40% off which makes it $29.97 for today only.  However, D2D is getting into the spirit of the holiday and will give you 25% off orders over $19.95 if you enter the code "Bunny" at checkout.

Also having an Easter deal, is the Ubisoft store.  This weekend you can get a free downloadable game with any purchase, if you enter the promo code "Rabbidsday" on the Ubisoft online store.  Get it?  They make the Rabbids games...

Our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY goes to Civilization V at D2D.  If you've been waiting for the big price break on that game, this is your chance.


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