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Weekend Sale Friday March 25th

Yesterday had lots of great online game sales for the weekend, and I'm sure most gamers found something of interest, but today offers a smattering of new weekend deals if you weren't wooed by any of the online discounts already on the table.  Gog.com is selling six games from the publisher Enlight for 60% off it you buy them as a lot, or 40% off if you want to get them individually.  That's $19.14 for the lot of them, or six dollars each if you just want one or two.  The list of games includes Capitalism 2, Capitalism Plus, Restaurant Empire, Seven Kingdoms 2,  Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries, and Warlords Battlecry 3.

The Electronic Arts store is selling several items in The Sims 3 for 33% off through the weekend.  That's the original game plus six expansion packs.  Prices vary.

ImpulseDriven.com has two Daily Deals good for today only.  You can get GTI Racing for $4.99, or Need For Speed Hot Pursuit: Limited Edition for $14.97.

And let's not forget about the indie/mod equivalent of Steam, www.Desura.com.  They don't do weekend sales, but they are offering a price break on Dead Meets Lead, so why not give the indies some love, or at least check out the free demo while you're there? 

The BEST DEAL OF THE WEEKEND still remains the sale at Impulse on Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition for $24.97.


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