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Weekend Sales April 7th

The digital Distributors are limping into a pathetic weekend, if today's deals are any indications.  While the nice folks at Steam are still continuing the highly-recommended Potato Sack sale on indie games, their latest deal is no where near as impressive.  You can get Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition for $9.99, which is 75% off its usual price, a decent price with the caveat that you have to like watching elves play football.

ImpulseDriven.com cut the price in half for Northlands, a viking simulator.  It can be yours for $4.99.  Impulse also announced this week's Weekend Impulse buys; there are six sales which include a bundle of RPGs from publisher Focus Home Interactive for $15.98.  Also clamoring for your attention this weekend in the Impulse Buys are Asguaard for $14.49, Metal Brigade Tactics for just $2.99, the Mass Effect Digital Deluxe Edition for $19.99, and the Aveyond Bundle which will get you 4 games in that series for $18.49.

GamersGate.com is having a sale on everything published by The Game Factory, and the list includes about thirty games that range between My Lovely Pony to Modern Warrior: Special Tactics.  You know where you fall in that spectrum.  I won't judge.

GamesForWindows.com is selling Hearts of Iron III for $11.99 from now until next Thursday.  But don't buy it from them, because Gamers Gate is selling it for only $5.99.

Our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY goes to Direct2Drive.com for their Daily Deal on the Max Payne Bundle, which has both game in that series for a mere $3.75.  Definitely something to grab if you haven't played them yet, and only available today (Thursday the 7th).


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