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Weekend Sales April Fools Edition

Those of us who were hoping for some grand sales in honor of April Fools Day have had our foolish hopes dashed by the meager crop of online sales that rolled out today.  Yet there are still a couple of new sales for the weekend, anemic though they are.  Gamestop is doing a big month-long sale called the Power Saver sale.  It's for all platforms, and PC gamers probably won't find much of interest, although you can get ten dollars off Call of Duty Black Ops, or Starcraft II.

Good Old Games has a sale on 11 games by the publisher Rebellion.  This includes several titles in the Empire Earth series, along with several Ground Control and Lords of the Realm games.  You can all of them for $32.69, or you can get any combination of them for 40% off.  This lot also includes Evil Genius, which has recently become quite popular due to the Facebook version, so this is chance to grab the original at a discount.

Direct2Drive has started a 30 Days of Deals extravaganza.  Each day some game is given a huge price break, and today only (Friday the 1st) you can get the 2010 Medal of Honor game for just $7.50.  D2D is also selling four casual games by Popcap for half off, so if you're the one person who hasn't played Plants Versus Zombies yet, then here's your chance to get it for five dollars.

The Ubisoft store is holding a weekend deal where you'll get 20% off if you buy two or more games from a selection of games.  The list of available titles is pretty good, and includes some fairly recent games like Splinter Cell Conviction

Steampowered.com is selling the Potato Sack which contains eleven indie games for 75% off if you buy them all at once.  You also have the option to buy any one of them for half off.  The sack contains some excellent titles like Amnesia and Killing Floor, so have a look inside the sack; it only sets you back $38.65

Our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY goes to Direct2Drive.com for Medal of Honor at $7.50. Granted it wasn't a great game, but that's one fine price for it anyhow.


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