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Weekend Sales: Dishonorable Discharge

There are yet more weekend deals to mention today.  The recent Medal of Honor game was given a dishonorable discharge by the gaming community, and is already getting its first markdown.  A substantial one to boot, as it is now cut by 20% as part of Amazon’s daily deal.  You can buy it for $39.99 on PC, XBox or PS3.  This is only for today, Friday, so grab it while you can. 

Direct2Drive.com announced today their big Christmas sale is coming about seven weeks too early.  We’ll forgive them for commercializing the birth of Christ, because they’re giving us a 25% discount on any order over $49.95 when you punch in the code “bigsavings” at checkout.  It’s valid now through Monday.

Gog.com is having a less impressive sale on their catalogue of games by Dot Emu, a company I’ve never heard of, who apparently made games I never played back in the early 90’s.  If you know whose these people are, and have been dying to get one of their games, you can grab four of them for $11.96, or any one for $4.19.

Gog.com has also added a couple of new games to their roster, including the Dungeons & Dragons RPG Icewind Dale 2, which more than makes up for the lackluster sale on DotEmu.  Also new to them is Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, the final installment in that franchise.  Both are going for $9.99
Finally, GamersGate.com is still holding their Strategy Week sale with discounts of up to 75% on dozens of strategy games, including several Command & Conquer titles.


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