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Weekend Sales E3 Edition

Had enough video games for one week?  Of course not!  Now that you know what big games are on the way, you'll need something to fill the endless weeks ahead before you can play Bioshock Infinite and The Old Republic Online.  Here are some games on sale to help you kill time until the Fall release avalanche, including something that will be of interest if you just can't wait for Battlefield 3.

Steam has a weekend sale on DC Universe Online, which is half off now, down to $24.99.  They're also still honoring their Midweek Madness sale on Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and several games by Frozenbyte.

GamersGate.com has about 60 Games on sale, but you might want to check in on their new free gaming service.  It won't launch for a few months, but you can sign-up for a beta now.

Direct2Drive.com is holding a Rockstar Weekend and there are fifteen games marked down by 75%.  This includes some GTA IV DLC, so it's a great chance to complete your GTA IV experience if you never got the DLC packs.

ImpulseDriven.com has announced their Weekend Impulse Buys.  This week you can get Three RPGs by Focus Home Interactive for $9.99, Laxius Force games are half off, Shadowgrounds Survivor is half off at $7.49 (But if you act fast, you can get it for even cheaper at Steam as part of the Frozenbyte Sale), the Return To Mysterious Island Bundle is $17.49, and Patrician III is $9.99.  

Impulse's other big sale is Medal of Honor for only $9.99.  Come on, the game wasn't THAT bad, you should definitely try it out that price.  In fact, we'll call it our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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