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Weekend Sales Friday April 15th

Buckle up nerds, because this weekend has a bunch of great deals on downloadable games for you.  Good Old Games has a sale on bundles of Activision adventure games.  The Kings Quest, Police Quest and Space Quest franchises are being bundled, and then cut by 30%.  You can get these bundles which contain 2-4 games each for $6.99, or you can get all seven bundles (20 games) for $48.93.  This is an amazing deal if you never played the classic adventure titles.

If you need something a bit more modern, then take a look at Steam.  They're still running the various weekend deals we mentioned yesterday, but they've started up Rockstar Weekend, and are offing Daily Deals on games by that publisher.  Today (Friday the 15th) you can get Bully: Scholarship Edition for $3.74, or you can get BOTH Max Payne games for $3.74. 

Onlive.com has their weekly Five Dollar Friday sale on Batman Arkham Asylum; you can grab it today for five bucks.  The Electronic Arts Store is selling thirteen sports games and DLC packs for half off (Prices vary).  You can see the list here if you like the FIFA games which make up the bulk of the items on sale.  Finally, at Desura, you can get the indie First Person Puzzler Bounce! for half off at a mere three dollars.

Even though there are a lot of good deals out today, our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY is going to Onlive for Batman Arkham Asylum at five dollars.  


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