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Weekend Sales Friday April 8th

Well, it seems like the digital distributors decided that today is going to be shooter day, because just about all of them are trying to get you to buy some FPS game with a daily deal, or weekend sale.  The Electronic Arts Store is selling 18 shooters, and DLC packs for half off.  This is definitely something to check out if you haven't grabbed all of DLC for Mass Effect, or your favorite Battlefield.  Of note is the Bad Company 2 Digital Deluxe Edition.  This includes the game and the Vietnam DLC at a higher price than buying them separately, but it does unlock many features.  Something to consider for n00bz just jumping into the game.  And if you never bothered buying the Pinnacle Station DLC for the first Mass Effect game, you might be tempted by it, now that it's just three dollars.

Meanwhile, OnLive.com is selling the Unreal III Titan Pack for $4.99 today only.  GreenManGaming.com has several specials running at the moment, including Sniper Ghost Warrior for half off at $9.97.  They're also discounting the Sega Dreamcast Collection for half off, which makes it $14.98, and any of the individual games in the Collection can also be purchased half off as well at $4.47.  You could also grab your choice of 3 old Sega Genesis games for five dollars with the Sonic Pick 'n' Mix.  They also have a few other promotions running as well which can get you a 20% discount on orders.

Bucking the shooter trend is Good old Games, who want you to buy something by the publisher 1C.  They have eight games on sale at 50% off; you can get them as a lot for $37.92, or you can pick them up individually for about $4.99 each.  The list includes game from franchises like King's Bounty, UFO, Space Rangers and others.

ImpulseDriven.com is selling Scrapland for $2.49 today only (Friday the 8th), but they do a bunch of other games on sale through the weekend, as mention in our sales report yesterday.

Direct2Drive.com is on a good streak with their 30 Days of Deals sale, because they once again win our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY by putting Grand Theft Auto IV on sale at $4.95.


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