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Weekend Sales Friday August 26th

For this weekend (8/25/11), Steam is offering all Borderlands titles and downloadable content at 75% off. Yes, you heard me: seventy-five percent off. This means that Borderlands is 4.99 USD and the Game of the Year version is 7.49 USD for the weekend!

But what is Borderlands?

Borderlands is described as an action RPG in Steam's press release and in the advertisements for the title, but the best way to describe it might be primarily as a first-person shooter that contains RPG elements in it. For example, like an RPG, difficulty is based on accrued experience levels rather than how good you are at first-person shooter games. The art style also is a bit different; I have seen it described as 'cartoony', but 'cartoony' does not quite capture it either – it is a bit grittier than things I would consider 'cartoony' (the art style of City of Heroes) so perhaps it comes closer to certain Batman graphic novels or even some manga/anime titles (Akira comes to mind, for some reason).

At present, there is the Borderlands main title, plus three downloadable content packs that you can pick up this weekend (the DLC combined pack is only 7.49 USD).

If you like first-person shooters, or are interested in trying them out, and want to have a bit of fun, consider picking up Borderlands this weekend.  Steam is also selling everything in the Counterstrike franchise at 75% off as well.


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