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Weekend Sales Friday February 11th

There's a wide variety of unusual game deals going aroun this weekend, so let's jump in and take a look.  Steampowered.com has Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 on sale for half off which means that it is $24.99.  The DLC pack Open Skies is also on sale for five dollars.  Not a bad deal if you like arial combat games.

If you like hard-boiled detectives- in SPACE, then you might want to look at Gog.com who are selling a big bundle of Tex Murphy adventure games for $14.36.  That's five games for that price, or you can buy them individually for about seven dollars each, but the first two games come as a low-price bundle together, which will let you can take a cheap peak at the series by buying those together for $4.19.

Direct2Drive.com has two sales.  The first is a Daily Deal on 2K's Stronghold Collection which will get you five games in that castle-building sim for $4.95, but only today, Friday the 11th.  You can also pick up their Weekend Deal which is a promo code that gets you 75% off of the Girls of Gaming, which is a sort of PDF pack of softcore nerd porn.  Prices vary.

ImpulseDriven.com also has a daily deal, and a weekend deal.  Today only, they're selling Prototype for $14.99.  They also have six games on sale for their weekly Impulse Buys, the highlights of which are Sims 3 and Dead Rising II, both half off at $19.99.

GamesForWindows.com has a pair of deals now too.  First up, they're selling everything by Square Enix for half off!  This includes some old classics like Deus Ex, as well as more recent games like Batman Arkham Asylum.  Prices vary, and aren't bad.  Secondly, they're selling Street Fighter IV for fifteen dollars now through next Thursday.

Finally, GamersGate.com has 33 games with some sort of pricebreak, including a bunch of Sims games.  You're very like to find something to your interests there.

Our Best Deal Of The Weekend goes to the Girls of Gaming 1-7 Bundle which has 700 pages of material for you to enjoy.  It can be yours for about ten dollars if you enter the code "8008135" (Type it into an old calculator).


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