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Weekend Sales Friday February 25th

Most of the digital distributors announced their weekend sales yesterday, but a few new ones have popped up today.  Let's take a look.  Gog.com has what they call "Assorted Classics" on sale.  This is six games with no real theme and they include both Postal games, two installments of Stronghold, Arx Fatalis and The Incredible Machine Mega Pack.  They're all 40% off which puts them between $3.59 and $5.99 each.

In anticipation of their upcoming game, Darkspore, the Electronic Arts store is selling everything related to Spore for half off.  This includes the main game, the Creature Creator and assorted parts packs.  Prices vary.
ImpulseDriven.com has a one day only sale on Street Fighter IV for $14.99. Although Desura isn't having a sale, they have released Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch, a parody RPG for $14.99.  So, support the indie developers who put this together and have a look.  Yes, there's a free demo.

And our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY, Onlive.com will give you a free Micro Console and a copy of the game Metro 2033 if you pre-order the upcoming shooter Homefront.  That's a right fine deal there and worth checking out, especially if you've been considering Onlive, or if you were planning on buying Homefront anyway.


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