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Weekend Sales Friday February 4th

It's another day of lackluster online sales.  While you'll probably find something below to suit your tastes, we're having a hard time finding anything recommend.  The Electronic Arts store is selling Dead Space for half off which is $9.97.  While that's just dandy, there were plenty of places selling it for less than that over the last few months.  This is still a good deal if you're on the fence about buying the sequel, and want to try out the first game in the series while you wait for price breaks on DS2.

And speaking of a price break on Dead Space 2, you can get a 15% discount that game at Direct2Drive.com.  In fact, they're giving 15% discounts on eighteen games, which includes pre-orders of several upcoming high-profile games.  There are also breaks on some cheaper games too, like Battlefield Bad Company 2, and indie Magicka.  Just enter the code "Snowblows" at checkout.

GamesForWindows.com is doing a week long sale on the racing game Blur.  It's half off at $14.99 and Gog.com is selling the entire catalog of games by publisher Apogee games.  That's five games for $14.95, or you can buy them individually for $4.79 each.  The selection includes a couple of Duke Nukem games, and other shooters.

None of these offers are what you'd call spectacular, so I'll give our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY to Direct 2 Drive's 15% off on the pre-order of Dragon Age II.  Because you're buying that anyway, right?


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