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Weekend Sales Friday July 29th

Yesterday's sales round-up covered many of the big digital sales going on this weekend, but there are always a few late comers who put up their sales on Friday.  Gog, Onlive and few others have snuck in a some very tempting sales for the weekend, plus a couple of daily deals.

Good Old Games has everything by the publisher Topware for half off.  This includes franchises like Two Worlds, Enclave, Earth and Jagged Allicane. There are eleven game, and you'll get them for $2.99 each (Two Worlds is $4.99)

Onlive.com's Five Dollar Friday special is Just Cause 2 for five dollars, good for today only.

Unfortunately, Direct2Drive.com has Onlive beat by a nickle.  You can get Just Cause 2 at D2D for $4.95, and the first Just Cause for $3.75.  They also have four other games on sale today, including Stalker Clear Sky and Shadow of Chernobyl, The Witcher: Director's Cut and Alpha Protocol all for $4.95 each.

GamesForWindows.com will let you have Dragon Age Origins for $14.95, but this is not the Ultimate Edition, so consumers are advised to wait for the Ultimate Edition to go on sale, rather than buying the standard edition.

GamersGate.com has a big sale going on this week, but their Deal of The Day is the Magicka Collection, which will get you this funny indie game plus all of the DLC for $8.73.  That is our BEST DEAL OF THE WEEKEND.


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