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Weekend Sales Friday March 18th

We mentioned some very nice sales going on in our Weekend Sales piece yesterday, and many of those are still available, but a whole new crop has popped up overnight, and you might find something here that seems like a better use of your gaming bucks. Steampowered.com is not only selling Friday Night Combat for a third off, but they're also letting you play it for free all weekend.  If ten dollars isn't cheap enough for you, then FREE oughta be enough to get you to try this game.

Gog.com has a sale on five games by Atari; if you buy all five, they're $2.99 each, but if you want them individually, they're $4.49.  They are Blood, Blood 2, Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare, Independence War Deluxe, and Independence War 2.

Since Crysis 2 comes out next week, Electronic Arts wants to make sure that you're all caught up on the story so far, so they've put the first Crysis in sale for $14.97, and the sorta sequel Crysis Warhead for $9.97. 

Onlive.com is selling their "Full play" passes on numerous games for up to 75% off.  The highlight there is Braid for a measly $2.50.

Direct2Drive.com will give you 20% off when you buy any First Person Shooter, if you enter the code "specwar5".  If shooters aren't to your taste, Direct2Drive.com is also selling several Nancy Drew games for half off.  You better believe that Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake is our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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