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Weekend Sales Friday May 6th

Yesterday got us off to a great start for weekend game sales, and today a bunch of new digital distributors have put even more games on sale!  Good Old Games has the Total Annihilation series and the first three Masters of Orion strategy games marked down by half off, if you buy them as a lot of five, or you can get them for 30% off which makes them $4.19 each, and $19.56 for all five.

The final day in Steam's Electronic Arts week will let you have Crysis and Crysis Warhead for 75% off which makes them $7.49 and $4.99 respectively.  This is good for today only.  No, you cannot have a sale on Crysis 2.

Speaking of Electronic Arts, the EA Store is selling Dead Space and Dead Space 2 for 40% off.  That makes them $11.99 and $23.99 through the weekend.  

Onlive always has a game on sale for five dollars every week in their Five Dollar Friday sale.  Today it's Dark Void.  However, they're also offering you a free "Micro Console" and a copy of Red Faction Guerilla if you pre-order Red Faction Armageddon.  That's something to check out if you're curious about Onlive's unique service and their hardware.

Even though the pre-order deal at Onlive is pretty sweet, we LOVE the Dead Space franchise around here at Player Affinity, so the sale at the EA Store is our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.  Of course, many of the sales mentioned in our round-up yesterday are still going on through the weekend.


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