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Weekend Sales Friday November 12

Yesterday we listed most of the weekend sales early, but there are a few latecomers today, including a Daily Deal from Direct 2 Drive, a sale news from Good Old Games, and a special in-game bonus item if you grab Dead Space 2 from Gamestop today.

Act fast because Direct2Drive is holding a one day sale on Aion: Assault on Balaurea.  They’re cutting 50% off the price, which makes it $19.99, and this edition includes the original Aion game and all content updates, in addition to the Assault on Balaurea Expansion pack.

Gamestop.com has a special Daily Deal going on right now as well.  If you pre-order Dead Space 2 today, you’ll get free overnight shipping (When it comes out in January), along with an in-game Rivet Gun.  This is on top of their normal promotion that will get you a free copy of the downloadable interactive comic Dead Space Ignition.  This applies to the game on PC, XBox or Playstation.  Alas, there is no price break, but the copy of Ignition is worth five dollars (But isn’t available on PC yet).

Gog.com has their own weekend sale; everything by publisher JoWood.  This includes installments in franchises like Gothic, Darkfall and Spellforce.  Gog is also touting their most recent addition to their catalogue, Space Rangers, which they’re selling for $9.99.  Unfortunately for Gog, you can buy Space Rangers for half that if you get it over at ImpulseDriven.com who are doing a half-off sale on that whole franchise this weekend.


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