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Weekend Sales Friday September 23rd

It's the first weekend of Fall, so avoid those deadly falling leaves by staying nice and safe indoors this weekend.  While you're holed up in your underground foliage shelter, you'll need some way to avoid going mad from boredom, so be sure to download some of the great games that are on sale this weekend.  One digital distributor even has enough classic RPGs on sale to get you through until Spring arrives.

Steam has numerous deals at the moment, including a SEGA Weekend with all games by that publisher on sale, up to 90%.  This is a good chance to pick up Obsidian's spy RPG Alpha Protocol for two bucks!  Steam is also doing a weekend Deal on the Company of Heroes franchise, with everything in that series marked down by 80%.

Gog.com has a noteworthy sale this weekend on Dungeons & Dragons games.  They've put nine D&D games (Including Bioware classics like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights) on sale and the more you buy, the higher your discount.  One game will get you a 20% discount, but each additional game you buy will bump up the discount by 5%  up to 60% for all nine titles.

Instead of their usual Weekend Impulse Buys, ImpulseDriven.com has four games by 2K for half off, including Duke Nukem Forever at just ten dollars (An investment better spent on Borderlands at the same price).  You can also get Mafia II or Civ V for fifteen dollars.

GamesforWindows.com has something called "The Club" on sale for five dollars at the moment.  If you've heard of this game and wanted to try it out for some reason, here's your chance!

Because it's the first day of Fall, and because Army guys scream "Fall Back" when they retreat, Direct2Drive.com has five war games marked down by 60% for a "Fall Back" sale. Oh these marketing scamps and their little puns...

Even though there are lots of good deals going aorund this weekend, we'll give Gog.com and their D&D sale our award for BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.  


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