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Weekend Sales: Independence Day Edition

Now THAT'S the spirit America!  The only way out of our nation's economic crisis is to use our credit cards to buy digital goods, then spend dozens of man-hours playing video games during our national three-day weekend!  Now YOU can show off your patriotism buy spending money you don't have on things you don't need with these weekend video game sales!

Onlive.com has an Independence Day sale on... wait for it... INDEPENDENT GAMES!  Get it?  Anyway, you can get 75% off when you buy cool indie games like Amnesia, Braid, or The Ball.

Gog.com has a great sale on everything by Interplay. for $2.99 each.   This list includes the Fallout games, MDK, Decent, Redneck Rampage and many more.  This runs through July 4th and is highly recommended.

ImpulseDriven.com has a patriotic Weekend Impulse Buy on the Battlefield series; you can get Battlefield 2 Complete Collection for $14.99, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $9.99.  Also in the Impulse Buys is Tropico 3 Gold Edition for $9.99, 27 games by publisher Mumbo Jumbo are half off with most of them at $4.99, Civilization IV Complete is $9.99, All Men Of War Games are half off (Prices vary), and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is 75% off at $4.99.

GamersGate.com is selling the Millenium games for 30% off this week, which is great if you like old-school RPGs.  They're also selling Civilization V for just $16.98, today only.

Direct2Drive.com has a sale this week on Sam & Max, and you gan get several bundles of that series for 66% off.  But  remember that Steam is selling numerous publisher "Complete Packs" which let you get EVERY game by a particular publisher for a fraction of their real price.  This includes Telltale Games, the developer of the am & Max games. 

Finally, Steam has a hugetanic Summer Camp Sale funning through July 10th, with a different set of games on sale every day.  At the moment it's Shogun Total War for $33.49, Call of Duty Black Ops for $44.99, Grand Theft Auto Classic for $20.09, Dungeons for $26.79, Devil May Cry 4 for $13.39, Just Cause 2 for $13.39, Railworks 2 TrainSimulator for $8.74, Braid for $2.49, Spacechem for $5.09, Hamilton's Great Adventure for $4.99, and Heroes of Might and Magic V for $7.49.  These are all available until 1 pm tomorrow (Saturday the 2nd) EST.


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