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Weekend Sales January 14

Steam has a nifty little offer right now; they’re selling The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena for five dollars.  Don’t be fooled by the tepid reviews, this is actually a worthy purchase at full price.  Remember, this includes TWO Riddick games, the mediocre Assault on Dark Athena which came out in 2009, but it also includes a next-gen re-mastered version of 2004’s Escape From Butcher Bay which was one of the best games to hit the original XBox.  This one is by far the BEST DEAL OF THE WEEKEND.

Gog.com is up to some sort of marketing shenanigans again.  There’s no weekend sale there, but they do have a big banner that looks like police tape, with a message saying “Do Not Click” and the date January 18th.  Something is in the works over there for next week.

Gamestop.com is doing a weekend promotion on used games; you’ll get 30% off if you buy six or more, 20% if you buy four or five, and 10% off when you buy two or three games.  It’s not such a bad deal if you’re planning on buying on buying six used games this weekend.

TelltaleGames.com is celebrating the holiday “Trog Day”, which is a very real event that they didn’t make up.  From now until Thursday the 20th, you can buy Strongbad’s Cool Game For Attractive People at $14.95 to honor Trogdor The Burninator.


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