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Weekend Sales Nazi Dinosaur Edition

What's that you say?  "World War II has been done to death".  Oh no, my friend, there is still territory left to explore in the Allies Versus Axis storyline.  Dinosaurs for example.  That's right, there's a great indie game that you can try for free this weekend which will let you play as a Nazi T-Rex with machine guns strapped to it's face.  Aside from free Aryan Giant Lizards, there're are many other games on sale this weekend, and a few of them even rival the awesomeness of Teutonic Thunder Lizards.

ImpulseDriven.com has a great deal in their Weekend Impulse Buys; you can get Bulletstorm for $14.99.  Other games on sale at Impulse are... aw screw it.  You want Bulletstorm for $14.99!  The other games are all fine but your gaming dollars are best spent on Bulletstorm.

Direct2Drive.com is still doing their 31 Days of Deals promotion, and today you can get Monkey Island 2: Special Edition, The Secret of Money Island: Special Edition, or Osmos for $3.95 each.

GamersGate.com has 167 games on sale right now, including a half-off sale on everything by Paradox, which means franchises like the highly-recommended Magicka, along with Victoria, Mount & Blade, and Hearts of Iron, among many others.  If you haven't caught on to Magicka yet, this is a great chance to grab it cheap.

GreenManGaming.com is also doing a big Paradox sale, so check there as well if you're into any of Paradox's franchises like Penumbra.  GreenManGaming.com is also doing a Daily Deal on Sid Meier's Pirates which is down to $2.99 today only.

Our BEST DEAL OF THE WEEKEND must go to Steam for a half price sale on the Nazi T-Rex shooter Dino D-Day at $4.99, plus a free to play weekend.


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