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Weekend Sales November 18

It’s a week to go before the mountain of online sales for Black Friday but, if you have a wad of cash burning a hole through your pockets,  you’ll find plenty of ways to spend it this weekend with all of these deals from digital distributors.  Direct2Drive.com has been holding a Rockstar Sale all week, and today’s Deal of The Day is BOTH Max Payne games for $3.75 altogether.  That’s 75% off the usual price, and a fine way to spend $3.75.

GamesForWindows.com  is also holding a week of Daily Deals, and today’s offering is Red Faction: Guerilla for 60% off, which makes  it $5.99, another great deal.

GamersGate.com is still doing their Dragon Week, and will give you a 5060% discount  on several games with dragons in them, notably Spellforce  2 and it’s expansions.  And, before you ask, No, Dragon Age isn’t part of their Dragon Week.

Amazon.com is still doing a sale on five downloadable games by Electronic Arts, which all have  33% discounts.  Thirteen bucks for Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a pretty good way to thin your wallet.

Steampowered.com is selling Sniper: Ghost Warrior for 50% off and its DLC map pack for 50% off.  That makes the game $14.99 and the DLC $2.49.



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