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Weekend Sales October 9 2010

Apparently it’s zombie week at Steam.  They just released new DLC for both games in the Left 4 Dead franchise, and had them on sale for 66% off.  Now their new weekend deal is the Co-op survival horror zombie shooter Killing Floor marked down to $9.99.   In fact, everything related to Killing Floor is 50% off, including all three DLC Character packs, and the  Bundle pack (Although the bundle pack actually comes out to two cents MORE than just buying everything individually).

Gog.com not only has the classic Dungeons & Dragons RPG Icewind Dale available now, but is selling 10 Atari games for 50% off.  And by “Atari”, they mean the new Atari company, not the one gamers fondly remember from the 80’s.  The games include Outcast and Total Annihilation among others going for about $2.99 each.

Direct2Drive has an Action Weekend.  Apply the code “iluvaction” when purchasing any of their action titles, like (Which also includes Sorta-Actiony games like Pirates and Fallout 3) and you will get 15% off.  This also applies to new games and pre-orders like Amnesia: The Dark Decent or Fallout New Vegas.  D2d is also selling a few other titles at a discount, including the Sega Master System Collection 1, 2 and 3 for $7.50 each.

ImpulseDriven.com has numerous “Impulse Buys” including two Oddworld games and everything by TopWare Interactive, who makes the underrated shooter Chrome SpecForce  Finally, GamersGate.com is doing a sale on the Hearts of Iron franchise, with three games on sale for 60% off (as low as $1.99).  A nice little morsel for those who like older WWII strategy games.


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